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Beach Ceramic fragments, pebbles and shells from the beaches of North Devon,

with vintage and modern beads and recycled materials. Also Silver and Copper Jewellery

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Natural sea glass I found on my local beaches, jewels from the sea that start out as rubbish

Welcome to my Hand made Jewellery site.

I make jewellery using sea glass, seed beads, vintage beads, vintage lace and other fabrics as well as beach ceramics.

I also recently started making jewellery with copper and silver, fusing the silver to the copper to create unique unepeatable pieces.

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Blue green necklace made from woven seed beads with sea glass and hand made silver fastener
circular copper pendant with fused silver wire on leather thong
baroque handmade necklace with deep green heart of sea glass surrounded by seed beads in greens and blues
lace necklace with vintage diamante brooch and vintage beads
Here are some examples of my work, see more on the Jewellery page
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